Cet atelier a été organisé le 14 juillet 2021 par le Réseau des Acteurs de la Sauvegarde des Tortues Marines en Afrique Centrale (RASTOMA) et le Système Mondiale d’Information sur la Biodiversité (GBIF). Cet atelier avait pour objectifs de prendre en compte les outils et standards nationaux et

It is essentially a review of the work of the sixteenth and seventeenth sessions of the said committee which examined and addressed compliance issues related to the submission by the States Parties to the said Protocol of the fourth report, action plans and the animation of the Biosafety Clearing

This report was delivered during the plenary session of working group N°2 on December 10 by Mr. Rigobert NTEP from Cameroon, one of the co-leads of the said contact group. The aim was to take stock of the progress of the work of the contact group, because the latter was unable to conclude its work

Vidéo présentant les écosystèmes du Cameroun et leurs biodiversités

Video presenting the different articulations of the ceremony of the commemoration of the 29th International Day of Biodiversity 2022 in Cameroon.

Vidéo présentant les différentes articulations de la cérémonie de la commémoration de la 29ème Journée Internationale de la Biodiversité 2022 au Cameroun.

The Decade coincides with and supports the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 adopted by the Conference of the Parties at its tenth meeting held in Nagoya, Japan.