2. Biodiversity values integrated

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Biodiversity values integrated

TARGET 14: By 2020 the development and implementation of a comprehensive programme for the valuation of biodiversity should have been realised and payments for ecosystem services and goods imputed into the national budget for use in promoting sustainabl

Information on the value of biodiversity and its contribution in the national budget frameworks is yet to be a common practice in Cameroon. An emerging approach for the economic valuation and accounting is necessary to track its contributions and also requires the development of capacities of economic planners.  The focus here is on all types of biological and genetic resources currently being utilized or with potentials for commercialization.

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1 February 2006

Village development planning: A collaborative management model for meaningful community conservation around protected areas.

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1 January 2009

Protected areas and human displacement: A conservation perspective.

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To provide financial and technical support to GEF-eligible Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in their work to develop high quality, data driven sixth national reports (6NR) that will improve national decision-making processes for the implementation of NBSAPs; that report on