Production of an interoperable database of introduced species for Cameroon

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This report explains the process behind the creation of an interoperable database on invasive species for Cameroon. 144 species were selected through the linked consultancy A4.3.1, and the fields for the database were established following guidelines set out by the component 4 project task force, and revised by the consultants. The fields are divided into three groups:

  • species taxonomic information (Species name, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Subfamily, Genus, Species, Authority);
  • information on the species in Cameroon (Mode of spread, Regions the species has been seen in, Use of species in Cameroon, Type of negative impact, How bad is the impact?, Outcome of impact, Management Category, Management details, Contact information, Photo);
  • global information on the species (Native range, Introduced range, General uses, Type of negative impact, Management, Details of management, Examples of legislation to manage the species, Links to further information).