National training course notes on pest risk analysis (including lmo risk analysis) – definitions, usage and Management approaches for Cameroon

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Biosecurity is a series of measures to protect against the entry, establishment and spread of Invasive alien species (IAS) including living modified organisms that are deleterious to our human, animal and plant health, environment and our economy. It includes protection of Cameroons borders at the sea ports, airports, other entry points and our practices and habits on properties to reduce risk of disease or infestation. In order to achieve this, there must be the establishment of policy and regulatory framework for effective prevention and control of the introduction, establishment and spread of biological invaders. The implementation of sustainable strategies for the risk-based management of priority pathways and species for invasive alien species and living modified organisms is also important. Useful measures like building of capacity to enable the control of the entry, establishment and spread of invasive alien species and management of living modified organisms are paramount. The raising of awareness of key stakeholder groups on risks, impacts and management of invasive alien species and living modified organisms is necessary.


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