National Biological Invasions Communications and Awareness-raising Plan

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The activity documented in this report – the production of a National Biological Invasions Communications and Awareness-raising Plan – is being executed under Component 4 but is crosscutting in nature as all project activities involve some aspect of communication.

The main objective of this consultancy is the production of a communications and awarenessraising plan for the Cameroon Biosecurity Project, but which will continue after project closure, to help ensure that all project activities and specifically those undertaken under Component 4 will serve to increase awareness of biological invasions among key stakeholder groups and the general public as an essential contribution to a more effective biosecurity approach for the country. As it is intended that this strategy will be implemented during and beyond the project, it is referred to as the Cameroon Biosecurity Communication Strategy (CBCS) rather than the CBP CS. The plan will incorporate an international element, the objective of which is to promote replication of project outcomes in neighbouring countries, in the Subregion and in the African Region.