Fourth National Report Cameroon

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National Report
Couverture quatrieme rapport

The Fourth National Report of the Convention on Biological Diversity Cameroon (CBD) has been prepared with contributions from biodiversity stakeholders in Cameroon, following guidelines from the Secretariat of the CBD. The importance of the Report to Cameroon has been expressed because it will assist to improve information on the countries biodiversity. It will enable biodiversity stakeholders to become acquainted with the status, trends of the country’s biodiversity and the level of implementing the CBD in Cameroon. It contains five parts namely: Introduction and background; Status, Trends and Threats on Biodiversity; the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP implementation; Biodiversity integration to other sectors of the economy and The Conclusion regarding progress in the 2010 target.

The introduction and background describe the land, population and Cameroon’s economy. Chapter One examines Cameroon’s biodiversity under ecosystems, habitats, species and shows the six ecosystems as identified during the biodiversity studies and planning. It emphasizes the exceptional characteristics of Cameroon’s biodiversity. The importance of biodiversity to health, animal life, to the economy and to the environment have also been shown. The Status and Trend show that ecosystems and habitats are being degraded with resultant loss of species, mostly by man’s economic activities. New discoveries have been reported on plant and insect species, habitats and ecosystems are being restored in some parts by the creation of Protected Areas.

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31 December 2008