News Africa Protected Areas Congress Nairobi Kenya from 18th - 23rd November 2019

The Africa Protected Areas Congress (APAC) is the first ever continent-wide gathering of African leaders, citizens, and interest groups to discuss the role of protected areas in conserving nature, safeguarding Africa’s iconic wildlife, delivering vital life-supporting ecosystem services, promoting sustainable development and conserving Africa’s cultural heritage and traditions.

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Release date 01/04/2019
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Why now?

Despite their importance in conserving nature and supporting sustainable development, Africa’s protected areas are experiencing nearly all the critical challenges facing conservation today. Among them are poaching, loss of biodiversity, climate change, ecological isolation, chronic under-funding, inadequate legislation and policies, poor governance, weak institutions, inadequate human capacity, human wildlife conflict, and lack of appropriate information to aid management. In a few countries, political instability and armed conflicts continue to affect the management of protected areas. The time to address these issues is now.

The main objectives of the congress are to:

  1. Promote the role of protected areas in conserving nature, supporting sustainable development and human well-being and make commitments to secure a sustainable future for Africa’s natural heritage.
  2. Share experiences and best practices for harmonizing conservation and human development needs and develop strategic mechanisms and partnerships for ensuring long term sustainability.
  3. Set a common agenda and a shared vision for Africa’s protected areas and ensure they are included in the “African Union’s Agenda 2063 Strategic Framework for the Socio-economic Transformation of the Continent” and fully recognized for their contribution in achieving the AU’s vision of “an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in international arena.
  4. Develop priorities and strategies on issues of common interest and provide a strong African voice and consolidated input into the development of the Post-2020 Global Framework for Biodiversity.

This inaugural congress will establish APAC as Africa’s pre-eminent platform for thought leadership and engagement of various actors on issues related to protected areas, people and biodiversity. Read more

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